We have designed a four-part process that works in tandem with owners, management, architects, engineers, banks, and vendors to build and transform venues that exceed expectations. 



  • Conducting a venue audit/assessment – identifying opportunities for innovation, modernization, monetization, and infrastructure improvements.
  • Gathering research and insights – this may take the form of stakeholder interviews or simply sitting in the stands to get a feel for what makes the team and the space unique.
  • Identifying opportunity areas in the built environment to meet overall organizational goals.
  • Developing a budget and schedule.
  • Creating scope – laying out concepts, strategies, and recommendations for venue creation or transformation.



  • Leading an in-depth design consultation.
  • Selecting and managing a project team (architects, engineers, etc.).
  • Identifying financing requirements and managing approved budgets.
  • Executing lease and contract negotiations.
  • Overseeing permitting – identifying requirements, collecting documents, liaising with city agencies.



  • Developing recommendations for improvements.
  • Working with the front office staff to realize opportunities and create synergies within the organization and properties.
  • Managing the design team.
  • Monitoring the budget and project schedule.
  • Overseeing procurement – providing design recommendations, selecting vendors, managing contracts.



  • Remaining a long-term partner for the owners, front office, and facilities teams.
  • Coordinating between departments and partners to create new business opportunities.
  • Serving as an internal planning & development team, on an efficient long-term basis.
  • Advising on additional renovation or restoration projects.
  • Finding ways to turn routine maintenance into opportunities for ongoing innovation.